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Free Stress Clinics

74.6% of employees suffer significant work-related stress or anxiety.
Jabra UK Survey GENM2013


Stress undermines an employee’s productivity by 40% and kills creative thinking; now that a business’s biggest asset is its people, stress is the biggest problem facing business today.

A Solution for Stress

Stress management is not a’s already too late. Resilience is increasingly recognised as the way forward. But how do you learn to be resilient?

Mark Newey of Work Revolution has spent the last 13 years teaching 1-2-1 clients a genuine solution for beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

The Solution is extremely cost-effective: a seminar (min. 20 employees) followed by a workshop (max. 10 attendees) and where necessary a short course of Resilience Coaching. The cost of this is likely to be under £1000 per employee, but the financial benefit is in 10’s of £1000’s.

Free Stress Clinics: no financial risk to the client.

Work Revolution are aware that the tendency is to ignore stress and for companies to simply allow somebody time off to recover. But employees can be taught the Self Awareness and Self Esteem that enables them to become resilient.

Since this is new territory for most companies and soft skills are seen (wrongly) as being empirically unprovable, Work Revolution are prepared to take the financial risk. We will deliver a free 1 hour in-house Stress Awareness seminar, followed by 2 free 30 minute 1-2-1 Resilience Coaching sessions.

We are so confident that the company will see obvious results and wish to invest further that we can provide this service with no obligation and no catch

Please ring 0800 083 0143 or e-mail to receive a free copy of Mark’s newly published book, the naked “i”, and chat about setting up a free seminar at your company.