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About Us

Work Revolution Associates Ltd is a rare company combining Behavioural, Organisational and Leadership Psychology, Executive Coaching and Resilience and Well-being Training for fast, far-reaching and effective change solutions guaranteed to transform Employee Engagement, motivation, productivity and thereby growth and profitability.

Mark Newey set up the company with colleagues with even more prestigious corporate careers than his own to bring this unique knowledge of the Neurosciences into the workplace. Work Revolution executives include CEO’s and Directors of household name corporates in the food and telecoms industries.

Mark Newey: Founder

After 18 years of working for corporations in International Marketing, Mark set up his own training company, which was initially extremely successful, but went bust due to a bad debt from a major client, triggering a personal breakdown. Mark then changed his life by training in the Neurosciences and has never looked back.

He set up his own Behavioural Psychotherapy practice, in 2000 and has since helped thousands of people beat Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Self Esteem and Motivation, Eating Disorders and addictions.

"I regard the 10 years since my breakdown as a rather hard but extremely rewarding apprenticeship for the rest of my career."

Mark's mission is now to teach client company employees the Self Awareness and Self Esteem that will guarantee the resilience and leadership skills that companies are desperately seeking.

Mark Newey has an MBA and is a Member of The International Stress Management Association (ISMA), an Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Guaranteed Benefits

So what guaranteed benefits can you expect from coaching or training with Work Revolution Associates Ltd?

Does this sound like a tall order? Well it’s not when you understand the Unconscious patterns that have been limiting your employees’ performance.

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