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If your most important business asset was a machine, would you neglect it?

Or would you maintain it and upgrade it whenever possible?


Business has been an incredible engine for growth and wealth creation.

But the quality of life for most People has gone in reverse.

Moving forwards nothing short of a Revolution in Business is needed to redress this appalling state of affairs!



Competitive Advantage is no longer in systems efficiency or even in information; it’s in People.

Every single business process involves People;
making decisions and taking action.

People are an Organisations’ most important asset.


But this very asset is as stressed, anxious, depressed and therefore as unproductive, as it’s ever been.

The hormonal changes in the brain caused by Stress cut productivity levels by 40% and completely kill creativity.

Since more and more business requires innovation and creative thinking, Stress is a huge, unrecognised cost.

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The mental health issues from modern work- and life-styles result in huge costs...

to the Organisation in terms of Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Turnover and Recruitment Costs...

50% staff lost

...And to the Employee in terms of reduced Psychological Wellbeing (PWB).

Major companies have to replace half their employees
every 4.5 years.

Reichhold, F.F. and Teal, T.,The Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Force behind Growth, Profits, and Lasting Value, Boston: Harvard Business School Press 1996


What are Organisations doing about this?

  • Employee Engagement Programmes fail to address the core issue.
  • Stress Management Initiatives are not good enough. Managing Stress is taking action too late!

This is where the Revolution must come!

What does a genuine Resilient Employee look like?


  • Confident, motivated, loyal and above all, happy in their own skin.
  • They increase productivity but also… Teamwork, Customer Loyalty, Profitability and even Investor Return.

Ensuring an employee’s PWB is not just a legal obligation… it’s the best investment an Organisation can make for its own future.

This is about Business as well as People.

  • Question: So how do we get genuinely resilient, happy, motivated and loyal Employees?
  • Answer: Invest in their Personal (as opposed to Professional) Development.
Employee Personal Development

How does Work Revolution guarantee Employee Personal Development?

Work Revolution’s work is grounded in the neurosciences and is applied in an individual personal context and in an organizational context. It is based on 14 years of clinical experience and research.

Our work is based around 2 unique and proprietary Psychological Models. For further insight you can download the documents below:


The Outcomes for the Organisation are significant!


what now?

So what are you going to do now?: